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August 20, 2006: UNCAGED CABARET, a fundraiser for Congressman Jim McDermott

7-20-06: Dina founds CITIZEN ARTISTE.ORG for politically-minded artists

7/20/06: Photos from Mediterranean Fantasy Festival

1/7-06: Performance with Backbone Campaign at Operation Homecoming antiwar event.

11/16/05: Novelty Role in Seven Dancing Sultanas, a benefit for Schoolkids Come First

9/10/2005: Costume Goddess appearance at successful Katrina Hurricane Benefit

7/17/2005: Performance at Mediterranean Fantasy Festival.

6/27/2005: Photos! Costume Goddess at the Seattle Gay Pride Parade

6-2005: Photos! "Bellydancers for Democracy" meets Howard Dean in Seattle

9-10/2004: Don't forget to VOTE! Costumed voter registration events

9/12/2004: Participated in a Bellydance Fashion Show

7/7/2004: Book #7, Headpieces for Bellydancers, is completed! See details HERE. You can order the book HERE.

MEDFEST July 17-18: Performance by Dina

5/1/2004: Amira and Dina perform for Dean delegates of the 46th district. Pictures here.

12/30 NEW YEAR FOR AMERICA HOUSE PARTY, Seattle, WA, a fundraiser for the Howard Dean for President campaign, featuring Dina, Lisa, and Zaphara.

BELLYDANCERS FOR DEMOCRACY: We in the performing arts have something special to contribute during this important election year! Offer to donate a performance to the campaign of a candidate you support.


I get so many questions! Before you ask me:

  • SELLING COSTUMES: I'm flattered you like them, but the costumes on my galleries are my personal wardrobe, not for sale or rent at this time.
  • CUSTOM WORK: I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. If you are in the PUGET SOUND area, I may be able to make a custom-designed and custom-fitted costume for you.
  • COSTUME DESIGN CONSULTATION: If you email me a full length photo and your preferences, I can design and sketch a costume ensemble with sewing details and samples of materials. A local costume-maker can do the construction. E-mail me to price a personal design consultation.
  • BELLYDANCING HELP: Goddess or not, I couldn't possibly know where you can find a job, a seamstress or a teacher in your town thousands of miles from mine! Try Shira's Directory or Aziza's Hotlist for local information.
  • HISTORICAL COSTUME: I am not an historian of Middle Eastern dress. I'm afraid I can't tell you how to wrap a turban, authentic 14th century Moroccan style for your SCA event. You may find useful articles at the historical sites on my links page.
  • FREE SEWING and DESIGN ADVICE: I AM known for dishing out free advice, but when asking a stranger for a favor, a "please" and a "thank you" don't hurt, hm? And if the question is "I know nothing, can you tell me everything?" don't be surprised if I refer you to my books, which have all the answers...

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