About Me
This website is ego trip enough, with all my photos, artwork and book promo,that I hate to do much more yakking about myself.

I will spare my viewers a description of my turtle, Mr. Magoo, the birthmark on my butt that resembles Richard Nixon, and my childhood trauma involving yellow Play-doh.

I'm an artist, costume designer and bellydancer from Seattle, WA. I spent six years in New Mexico, and grew up mostly in Maryland. If you need to know more, you can always ask me.

My graphic design/illustration site is Digital Genie.

Since 2003 I've become a political activist, and I bring creativity into expressions of political passion. My political art site is Citizen Artiste.

About the Costume Goddess
The Costume Goddess, my Altar Ego, is a being of infinite wisdom and patience.

It was my lovely friend Yemaya who invented this title for me, and I adopted it when I began a costuming advice column,"Ask the Costume Goddess,"  which is hosted by Shira's fabulous website "The Art of Middle Eastern Dance" (see Links page), an award-winning site for lovers of bellydance.

This column revealed to me the costume concerns of bellydancers all over the world. So here I am drawing, sewing, and writing about you. ~ Dina Lydia