The Costume Goddess Tells All
Book #7: Headpieces for Bellydancers
A dancer's crowning glory

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Description: 61 pages in a spiral-bound soft cover; hundreds of photos and illustrations. All of the costume pieces are modeled by dancers.

Who can use this book?
Anyone! Projects are included for all skill levels; some are draped effects that require no sewing at all.

  • How to choose the best style of headpiece for your hair type and face shape (pictured)
  • Detailed instructions for headbands, crowns, turbans, and multi-layered Tribal looks
  • How to use scarves and head veils
  • Beaded and coined headdresses
  • Turkish- and Persian-style hats
  • How to incorporate jewelry into a headband

BOOK REVIEW, "The Art of Middle Eastern Dance"

Sequined crown (tiara)

Layered Tribal headpiece

Headband with draped pearl jewelry

Coined headdress

Veil drape and coins

20s-style headband