Have you noticed how often photographs of bellydancers fail to capture the magic and beauty of the art?

In fact, many of the bellydance photos I see on webpages are disappointing.They're grayish, grainy, have compression artifacts (speckles and pixels) and large expanses of dull, useless background.

Though they can't be perfect, due to the limitations of low screen resolutions and compression for faster download, every photo should at least be cropped and adjusted for contrast and color saturation. That's just the beginning...

Jazz it up

This is the original photo the Goddess Squad gang at Mahira's wedding shower.

This is the photo jazzed up with glowing effects on new background and clothing. Skin areas are left unchanged.

Dreamlike Effect

Above, original
photo of Yemaya.
Photo by Modia.

Right: Photo with special effects colors & filters.

Yemaya: enhanced with special effects

Painterly Effects

Mahira's original photo with resyaurant background.

Photo with abstract background
(a glass bottle) and watercolor filters.

Dina's original photo, retouched to improve color and minor flaws

Photo with filters simulating a watercolor texture.

Replace ugly background

The Khan el Khalili troupe in their rainbow costumes, photographed against ugly background, with obtrusive objects in foreground.

Ancient ruins in background and foliage in foreground, to replace unwanted objects.

Type added. Hue adjusted.

Even postures improved!

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