How to make a Circular Veil

Dear Costume Goddess,
How do you make a circular veil? Would this be similar to a semi-circular veil?

A "semi-circular veil" is a half-circle shape.
A "circular veil" is a FULL circle made of two half-circles seamed to the middle of each straight edge.

Either type is grasped by the straight edges to manipulate it. Because it has fewer corners than a standard rectangular veil, the veil's movement is smooth and swirly rather than fluttery.

Since the seam of the full-circle veil will be visible as you move the veil around, it should be as tiny as possible: a self-enclosed "French" or "silk" seam. This is the neatest and least visible seam. To make a French seam, sew the two pieces wrong sides together, trim the seam closely, press to one side, then sew again RIGHT sides together with a eighth-inch to quarter-inch seam.
Now there are no raw edges showing.

Clip the seam at the center point where the stitching ends, and machine-stitch the hem of each OPEN side as an eighth-inch to quarter-inch narrow-hem (folded over twice).

use the full width of a 45" or 54" inch fabric for each half-circle. The former size will result in a diameter that spreads to two and a half yards, the latter three yards. The larger circle veil might be suitable for a taller person, but it takes more skill to manipulate.

As always, featherweight 3-5mm silk is best, although a sheer fabric like chiffon will work.

The best decoration for a floaty veil might be a few sequins or paillettes, as anything else will add enough weight to change the way the veil moves. I've seen male dancers like Amir Thaleb and Horatio use heavier fabric, so the circle looked more like a cape, but it takes a lot of energy to whirl it around.
~Dina Lydia


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