How to Drape a Veil

Dear Costume Goddess,
Can you give me some ideas on how to drape a veil?
For instance, where do you attach it? Do you tie it?
I use a veil for dancing, but I have no clue how to make it part of my costume.

One or more veils can be part of your costume, as well as a prop for dancing. The veil is generally "tucked" into a tight fitting part of the costume to secure it, but can also be tied, twisted around a strap or pinned (with a decorative brooch on the outside of the costume, or an unseen safety pin inside).

The "classic" drape (below) is tucked at three points: the front hip, back hip, and shoulder strap, leaving one arm covered and one bare, as in the photo.

Above, the veil is loosely tied over one shoulder to create a pretty cascade. At right, the veil is twisted around the neck straps and secured again with a jeweled brooch on one side.

Model is Elizabeth Dennis.


The veil can also be tucked into or pinned to a headband or turban and drape around the face and shoulders (shown above and below).

The veil can be tucked and draped around
the hips to add interest and movement
to a basic skirt and belt.

There are many more lovely veil drapes, including layered effects. Book #2, Easy Costume for Bellydancers, www.costumegoddess.com/cgseries.htm , has a six-page veil-draping gallery showing several dozen variations.

~Dina Lydia


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